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Why hasn't my crypto arrived?
Why hasn't my crypto arrived?
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Sometimes your crypto can be delayed. In most cases, the blockchain is taking more time or confirmations than expected. Check the confirmation requirements to learn how long it can take.


  • Make sure you didn’t re-use an IOTA deposit address.

  • Double check the deposit address. If you send crypto other than the one specified by the address, you won’t get it back.

  • Double check the deposit amount. Any deposits less than the minimum will not be credited or refunded.

  • If your deposit is unconfirmed in the blockchain you’ll have to contact the remittance platform for support.

  • If your deposit is confirmed in the blockchain, you can contact us [email protected] with your deposit info so we can help.

Send us:

  • Type of crypto

    1. Amount of deposit

    2. Address

    3. Transaction ID (TXID) or Hash ID

  • If you didn’t tag or used the wrong tag for your deposit, check the next steps in this article.

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