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How do I fix a deposit with tag issues?
How do I fix a deposit with tag issues?
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If you didn’t tag or used the wrong tag for your deposit, you’ll need to record a video and send it to us with a handwritten note at [email protected] so we can help.

  • The video should record:

    • Logging into your withdrawal exchange (not ZEDCEX)

    • Your withdrawal record page

    • This transaction with the details (coin type, amount, ZEDCEX)

    • The withdrawal address

  • The handwritten note:

I, (customer name), from (Country) Passport/ID holder with number XXXXX, deposited XXX (Amount) of (Crypto token) on Date (DD/MM/YY) at Time (HH:MM), into my OKEX account, registered with (mobile number/email ID/phone number/email address).

The token didn't arrive at my ZEDCEX account because the correct tag is missing. I hereby declare that the details furnished above are correct and once the token is credit into my ZEDCEX account, the case is considered fully resolved.

(Please sign the note with your full name and date)

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