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How To Register On Zedxion Exchange?
How To Register On Zedxion Exchange?
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Step by step:

  • After Downloading the ZEDCEX application you need to register and use a long, complex password and write it down on the paper. Remember, you are your own bank.

  • After registering you will receive a verification code on your given email address.

  • Set a Password. There is an option to add the invitation code which you have may received from your friends or family member who already has joined ZEDCEX Exchange platform.

  • Face recognitation. You may Enable right away or add it later in the system.

  • Next important stem is to enable the Google Authenticator for the security of your funds. You need to click on your profile at the left side up. Than you need to click on security and link all the options including the Google Authenticator.

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