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Project basic information
Issue Time:2014
Total Supply:C 10,565,341 DASH
Circulation: 10,565,341 DASH
White Paper: https://docs.dash.org/en/stable/
Website: https://www.dash.org/
Block Explorer: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dash/

Project Introduction: Dash is an open-source blockchain and cryptocurrency focused on offering a fast, cheap global payments network that is decentralized in nature. According to the project's white paper, Dash seeks to improve upon Bitcoin (BTC) by providing stronger privacy and faster transactions.

docs.dash.org (https://docs.dash.org/en/stable/)
Dash Documentation — Dash latest documentation
The Dash Documentation offers information and guides on Dash, the open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency with a strong focus on the payments industry.

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