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Crypto Exchanges for Newbies Exist!
Crypto Exchanges for Newbies Exist!
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Crypto Trading Has Never Been Easier

Back in the day, indulging in the crypto industry, and trading cryptocurrency in particular, used to be the prerogative of the intellectual elite – people who got a good grip on how blockchain works. Who would have thought that trading via crypto exchanges would become a piece of cake today? Nonetheless, with the efforts of progressive development teams, the niche becomes all the more accessible to the masses.

Crypto Exchanges for Newbies Exist!

Cryptocurrency trading goes much deeper than the classic "buy low – sell high" principle. As opposed to fiat money, cryptos are very volatile, rendering the traditional "bulls and bears" market rules ineffective. Furthermore, when novice traders go for crypto exchanges with a complex interface and too many unstable cryptocurrency pairs, they inevitably run the risk of quickly burning out and losing interest in the whole thing due to a pretty high entry threshold.

And that is exactly the issue that inspired a development team led by CEO Elizabeth Newman to try and eliminate that threshold by creating Zedcex, a zero-handling-fee solution that is radically different from its counterparts. A year later, they launched a crypto exchange based on the Ethereum, Binance, and Tron protocols which allowed users to trade over 150 cryptocurrencies via saving, IEO, staking, ETF, margin, spot, future, and token listing methods. The solution also provided opportunities to buy and trade NFTs, one of the most popular and high-potential digital assets today.

However, the main power of the project goes farther than a wide choice of cryptocurrencies or ultimate reliability. The main advantage of Zedcex is that users don’t have to build random trading strategies. With highly intelligent analysis tools such as Performance Analytics, the platform helps to outline smart trading tactics based on previous transaction histories, account balance, and many other individual factors.

Along with this, the platform provides a comprehensive guide for beginners where all the basics of crypto trading are sorted out in the tiniest detail. As a result, traders are easily enabled to make in-depth informed decisions, which isn’t really a common forte of any other crypto exchange.

Note also that the exchange operates on an absolute legal basis (see the license here).

This Crypto Exchange Has Its Own Stable Token!

Zedcex is a much more global project than just another crypto exchange. It is a blockchain-based solution backed by an authentic Zedcex token, which facilitates platform-wide trading and offers lower volatility than other tokens.

The ultimate value of the Zedcex token is the arithmetical mean of the actual value of five BTC-ETH-TRX-BNB-Zedcex coins. This means that even if one of the listed four cryptocurrencies suddenly "collapses", the Zedcex token rate will stay afloat due to the remaining three coins’ value (the probability of a collapse of all three cryptocurrencies is next to zero). Traders can easily buy other cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and fiat money using such combined token values.

All in all, Zedcex is extremely attractive for long-term investment, as it carries much less risk of falling in the external market price than many other cryptocurrencies.

Note also that this crypto exchange provides bonus tokens for all new users (trading bonus, referral bonus, and Zedcex token staking bonus), which should help them kickstart a promising crypto trading career.

Bottom Line

To join the successful crypto investors’ club, it is essential to have easy-to-use and intuitive tools at hand – ones that won’t confuse novices further but rather help them structure the acquired knowledge and apply it effectively in practice. Zedcex is one such tool. To learn more about the features, take a look at this crypto exchange personally.

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