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What Else Does ZEDCEX Offer for Beginners?
What Else Does ZEDCEX Offer for Beginners?
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No-Brainer Crypto Trading

What does cryptocurrency trading mean for ordinary people? Surely, something far too complex to grasp, another "not-for-everyone" niche similar to stocks or fancy auctions. Today, the rules of the game are completely different – with advanced tools, each newbie can master the "crypto science" in a matter of days and turn it into a steady source of income.

Entry Threshold to the Cryptocurrency Industry Has Never Been Lower

Why is an average person usually afraid to enter the crypto industry? Perhaps, because the crypto exchange interface is too complicated to figure out? Or because building an individual trading strategy requires in-depth knowledge? ZEDCEX targets these issues and more. A cryptocurrency exchange with zero-handling fees and over 150 digital coins, it provides saving, IEO, stake, ETF, margin, spot, future, and token listing methods to streamline crypto trade.

Initially, the main idea of ZEDCEX developers was to take all the factors that made it difficult or unprofitable to trade cryptocurrency and build a solution that smoothes them out. A team of blockchain specialists led by CEO Elizabeth Newman created a crypto exchange based on the Ethereum, Binance, and Tron protocols. Currently, it features 150 cryptocurrencies that can be traded via flexible platform features. Traders can also buy and sell NFTs without worrying about a high niche entry threshold.

The main selling point of the platform, however, is a focus on making learning crypto trading easy. There is a built-in highly intelligent analysis tool - Performance Analytics. Based on the user’s trading history and current account status, it creates tips on how to continue trading to minimize the risks of losses and maximize the net profit. With this in hand, crypto beginners get to start trading without any special knowledge that they could previously only gain through thematic literature and learning terminology.

And this is not all. The ZEDCEX experts developed a really cool guide for beginners, which contains tons of useful information – both on handling the interface of this crypto exchange and on the nuances of crypto trading. This means that all ZEDCEX users get access to the most up-to-date and “filtered” knowledge that can be put to good use in their trading career.

What Else Does ZEDCEX Offer for Beginners?

ZEDXION has its own token – ZEDCEX. It was created specifically to simplify trading on this crypto exchange and back up high-volatility cryptocurrencies with a more stable coin. The ZEDCEX token rate is formed from the arithmetic mean of the current rates of BTC, ETH, TRX, BNB, and ZEDCEX. By investing in these tokens, ZEDCEX users “insure” themselves against a fall in the rate of the other four cryptocurrencies listed above and, accordingly, against unexpected money losses during their trading activity.

Finally, this crypto exchange offers a variety of bonuses, including a trading bonus, a referral bonus, and a ZEDCEX token staking bonus. This makes cooperation with ZEDCEX an extremely profitable deal for both beginners and experienced crypto traders.

Bottom Line

To become a successful crypto trader today, people don’t need to read dozens of manuals and guides describing high-grade terms and techniques. The time to enter the crypto industry can be easily reduced by choosing the right crypto exchange. And ZEDCEX seems to just provide that streamlined chance to join the crypto trading community.

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