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Crypto Grid Trading Bots
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Grid Trading Bot

The grid quantity can be anything between four and ninety-nine. ZEDCEX recommends adjusting your profit per grid between 0.5% and 2%

The minimum investment needed to launch a bot depends on your set parameters. The minimum deposit is calculated based on Grid Quantity.

ZEDCEX calculates the minimum order size and the minimum order increment. The minimum order size restricts the amount that bots per order can use. The minimum order increment defines by what value bots can increase the amount

For example, if your minimum order size is 10 USD and the minimum order increment is 2 USD. You can place orders for 10 USD, 12USD, and 14USD, but not for 8USD or 14.50USD.

The stop loss feature allows you to set the base currency when the price reaches the stop loss price condition.

They help you to limit your losses. If trailing up is disabled, the stop loss is permanent; else, it becomes dynamic. Additionally, you can switch on and off the stop loss in active bots.

You have to set the price at which stop-loss should be executed. When it gets triggered, all open bot orders are canceled automatically.

The bot sells the used base currency at the best available price via a market order. Additionally, ZEDCEX removes the bot from active bots, and ZEDCEX adds the data to the History tab.

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