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Unless otherwise specified, all timestamps in APIs are returned in microseconds.

The ACCESS-TIMESTAMP header must be the number of seconds since UTC's time Unix Epoch. Decimal values are allowed. Your timestamp must be within 30 seconds of the API service time, otherwise your request will be considered expired and rejected. If you think there is a large time difference between your server and the API server, then we recommend that you use the time point to check the API server time.

For example



In order to maintain the accuracy of cross-platform, decimal numbers are returned as strings. We suggest that you might be better to convert the number to string when issuing the request to avoid truncation and precision errors. Integers (such as transaction number and sequence) do not need quotation marks.

Rate Limits

When a rate limit is exceeded, a status of 429 Too Many Requests will be returned.


  • Public interface: We limit the invocation of public interface via IP: up to 6 requests every 2s.

  • Private interface: We limit the invocation of private interface via user ID: up to 6 requests every 2s.

  • Special restrictions on specified interfaces are specified.

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